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Yesss! Finally got some gold shoes that fit!

Yesss! Finally got some gold shoes that fit!

ahkword-duck asked:
"Hello! I've admired Lolita from afar for a long time, but I really want to start wearing it myself. Do you have any shops you recommend? I've heard there are some scam shops out there."

Definitely avoid Milanoo and any of it’s fronts. For newer lolitas, I always suggest Bodyline or Taobao shops like Infanta and Chess Story to name a few. :)

Misty Sky Coodinates w/ Brookelle

Sorry there was no video last week, I lost my charger for my camera. ;_;

Aetherlund Bat Garters:

Brookelle’s Channel:

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Traded my OP for the same print but the JSK version. I’m really happy with this dress! :D

~Lillith Gray

On my way to a party hehe~

On my way to a party hehe~




1.) Queen Bee gold shoes. Bought second hand, in great condition. Only tried on by me. Size says LL, but they seem to fit more like an L. $90 + shipping

2.) Set of three Dolluxe lashes. New unopened. $15 + shipping.

3.) Angelic Pretty Tokimeki Girl JSK in pink
Bought new from AP Paris and in good condition, although a bit wrinkled from storage. NO SHIRRING. $165 + shipping or TRADE.

4.) Milk-chan’s Fantasy Wonderland in navy by BtSSB
Good condition, though I’ve worn it quite a few times. $180 + shipping or TRADE.


(Tentative DS/DT)
Funeral procession of Rose~ Aria blooming in the twilight OP
Love this dress, but unfortunately the sleeves just don’t fit me. Looking to trade for another dress in the series OR $450 + shipping.

Shoes and OP are sold~

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Also received my evilive heart bag today! Review coming soon~

Also received my evilive heart bag today! Review coming soon~

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meikoriley asked:
"I'm not sure if you've been asked this already, but after seeing related questions, I'd like to ask what's your height? (:"

I’m 5’ 2”.

Just for future reference though, I’ve answered a lot of these type of questions in my FAQ. :)

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"hello lillith! Ive been trying to find these (misslillith/post/96844856825/todays-outfit-for-a-small-tea-meet-up-it-was) and (hauntedcarousel./post/97095758674/misslillith-i-now-officially-crown-my-brother) dresses for ages (especially the one with the graveyard print) and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got them. Thank you have a nice day xx"

The first one is Vampire Requiem by Alice and the Pirates, and the second is Holy Lantern by Angelic Pretty. Unfortunately, neither of these brands are still selling these dresses, so you would have to find them second hand. Hope that helps!

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ninapedia asked:
"Love the wig in this post: 100049718020/casual-for-today-lillith-gray ! Would you be able to tell me where you got it?"

It’s from an Etsy store called Dreamholic. :)