My outfit for more college prep stuff today. (;_;)

~Lillith Gray

San Japan! (Tea Party + Fashion Show & Cosplay)

Whew this video turned out long, so much footage! Enjoy! :)

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"you are so pretty omg"

Thank you! =^_^=

tokei-kiss asked:
"Hello I was just wondering where yo uget your petti's from they're so poofy ; ; !"

I buy mine mostly vintage. :)

ava-sweet asked:
"Hi (⌒_⌒;) ~ I was wondering a few things about your wigs aha~ 1. Do you wear them just around the house when you are not going out? 2. Does your head feel "naked" when you are not wearing one? aha 3. Can you do a video showing how you put them on and style them? I have a few wigs and whenever I put them on they just look wrong and I cannot get them to sit right so I take them off ๏_๏ Thanks~~~♥♥"

Yes, when I put a wig on it stays on until I go to bed that night. No, my head doesn’t really feel naked without one, even though I wear them everyday haha. I actually did do a video about that a while back. I ended up taking it down for copyright stuff though. :< I’ll try to make another one soon! ^^

Had a lovely time yesterday with some friends. We went to a cupcake tasting for Anime Matsuri~ So exciting!

Photo credit goes to John Leigh :)

~Lillith Gray

Today was my final test to get into college. So glad it’s over! ;^;

~Lillith Gray

Officially returning to NYC on the 14th of August! Can’t wait! <3

"isn't your theme background the gloria print? i'm dying for that dress *-*"

It is! And I feel the same. DREAM DRESS ANYONE?!

"One day I will find you, and when I do I will grandma squeeze te life out of your cheeks. ;p Do you have any tips on wearing or doing something Lolita in a school uniform. Thanks bye!"

Haha! xD I have attended a private school that required a uniform before, and pretty much the only thing they would allow were shoes. =/ Of course that was back in my goth days so I didn’t try anything like hair bows or socks.