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ghoul-y asked:
"I love your style so much! This might be a weird question...but how long are your arms? e_e I'm only asking because you look pretty short like me and I'm having trouble finding sleeves that fit me on blouses. Thanks and take care!"

I’m honestly not sure about my arm length, I’ve never measured haha. But if you’re having that problem, I would definitely suggest sticking wrist cuffs at the end of your sleeves. That’s what I always do when the sleeves are a bit short. =)

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"Hello, I was just wondering, considering Lolita is a very formal, elaborate fashion, what do you consider "dressy"? Since Lolita is the norm what do you consider 'getting dressed up' as for yourself? :)"

For me, getting “dressed up” is usually my more elaborate OTT outfits that I tend to wear to conventions and parties. There are also things like doing more elaborate make-up and hairstyles for less casual days.

"Congratulations for finally getting your ultimate dream dress!! I'm very happy for you."

Thank you dear! <3

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chibbycookie asked:
"I really wanna buy brand lolita, and since I'm in japan near Harajuku i decided to check out closet child cuz I'm on a college student budget. My problem is that I'm quite chubby so I can't fit into the regular sizes. Can you order custom sizing from any brands? And if so how much extra does it cost?"

Unfortunately, none of the brands do custom sizing. However, if you really want brand, just keep in mind that there are quite a few fully shirred dresses that can fit a variety of sizes. And of course, there are plenty of wonderful taobao shops and indie brands that do custom sizing. =)

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"I really love the coord with Gloria and the beret! I think it'd look great with one of AP's black fur capes with strings of pearls across the front of it but that would probably be way overkill in Texas. lol I have one in white which I wish I could show you, it'd look great paired with the beret and its own string of pearls! : ) btw are you going to pick new dream dresses now that you have all of your original ones?"

Thank you! I believe I’ve seen the capes you’re talking about! You’re very right, I think it would be cute. Maybe this winter! Yes, I actually have selected a few new dream dresses, maybe I’ll make a video on it soon. :)

Wore Gloria to school today. :)

~Lillith Gray

Today&#8217;s make-up~

Today’s make-up~

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Gloria came in, here’s a preview! =^_^=

One of my dream dresses came in the mail today! *_* I love it so much!

~Lillith Gray